It's time for forced induction. (Continued.)

Ben Fenner fenfam at
Sun Jun 24 13:05:01 CDT 2007

Well, it seems I have overwhelming dissaproval of JGY and their business 
practices. From the looks of their website, you'd think they were the 
go-to guys on the East coast. Apparently not. As some have mentioned, 
they would only buy from JGY if they could see, and pick-up the engine 
in person. I live Aprox. two hours away from JGY, and had planned a 
preliminary visit to his place to talk shop, and then I'd go back and 
pick up an engine if I felt comfortable. I guess my question is for 
those of you who'd only take an egnine from JGY on sight. What would you 
be looking for on the engine to make sure you'd gotten a good one? I 
don't imagine a tear-down would be feasable, and I don't think you'd be 
able to see the engine run either. How bad could an engine for sale 
look? I'd imagine he cleans his engines. What would you be looking for?

I've been given two other sources for engines. Florida, and New York. 
I'm in South Carolina, and really liked the idea of saving the shipping 
by picking up the engine myself. =/

I've also highly considered the $1,250 DETs on Ebay. Is that another 
massively bad idea?

Keep in mind, I'll be (most liekly) replacing main/rod bearings, and 
water pump on the new engine I buy, because I'm looking to do this 

Oh, and Jon. Where is Andreas Miko? I guess I could find him on the 
forum (ugh), but maybe you could tell me where he ships from, why you 
recommend him for an engine, how much I'd be looking to spend? Maybe you 
could just point me in his direction, and I can ask him the rest.

As for the ECU. I'm going to give the calum ECU a good looking, as that 
seems to be the programmable ECU of choice. As for the VEMS, it is 
real-time programmable, and has the advantage over calum by providing 
MAP, WBO2, EGT, etc. It is a real engine management solution, for almost 
any type of engine. Not just a Sentra specific thing. Which normally 
wouldn't matter, but I've got that friend who will be using one as well, 
and it couldn't hurt to have more experience with it. That being said, 
I'll be giving the calum a serious look. It does sound like a smart move.

-Ben Fenner
1994 Black SE-R (going turbo)
1994 Black SE-R (with sunroof)

Jon wrote:
> The best source that I would trust would be Andreas Miko on the forum.
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> Ben Fenner wrote:
>>Any ideas on where to source a good FWD SR20DET?
> Soko?  Not really I guess check the forum.
>>How much HP will the transmission handle without trouble? I thought it 
>>was good for 250 or so without issues.
> That is the great unknown.  Boost = trouble for our crappy gearbox.
> RK
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