It's time for forced induction. (Continued.), my 2 cents

Steve Obert obert at
Sun Jun 24 13:41:20 CDT 2007

In my opinion a turbo would be best with a MAF setup.  The MAP relies too
much on the ecu to assume airflow where the MAF is telling the ecu what the
airflow is.   Why spend the time and money to start from scratch when you
can get a JWT ecu that is plug and play.  With a turbo you may find out that
your tuning is not quite right when it melts down.

Without hearing the engine run or at least a compression check you are
taking a chance on any used engine.  I always had good luck with a junk yard
who would leave the engines in the cars and then pull them on demand.  That
way I was able to look at the overall condition of the car and maybe see
stuff like oil change stickers.  Plus you could see the actual mileage on
the car.  I would then work with them to remove the engine so I could get a
lot of the nuts and bolts and control where the wiring was disconnected or

With any of the Japanese engines you are taking a chance, you are only
relying on the word of the seller as to mileage and they probably have no
idea anyway.  Once the engine is cleaned you don't have any idea on things
like oil leaks.  A broken sensor can cost hundreds to replace.

I get a little nervous when I don't have spare parts for things, I may be a
little over the top but I have 2 spare engines and 1 transmission for my
car.  A nice feeling when I am driving a 14 year old car that is getting up
there in miles.  If it goes clunk or bang I just have to get it home and
will have it fixed in a few days.

In that same line, anybody got any ABS parts gathering dust?

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