Making your own short shifter - was: Re: eBay short shifters

Omer Farooq Khan
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:58:51 -0600

> The feel is very different though. The Stillen one feels very direct,
> while the Pacesetter one feels slightly more sloppy. The problem I had
> with the Stillen one was this buzz from the metal ball that I could not
> get rid of, despite liberal use of grease. YMMV.

I also had the Stillen short shifter and over 2 years I simply could not get
rid of the buzz.  I made a neoprene gasket for the shifter to sit on,
greased it once a week, tried everything.  Then on a road trip the damn
thing buzzed for about 4000+ miles.  I couldn't take it anymore so I took
the stillen shifter out and started looking at the stock one.  I modified my
stock shifter to be just as short and direct as the stillen and I haven't
had a SINGLE rattle since.  I've been using this over a year with absoluty
no ill effects. I have the ES bushing as well and shifts are just awesome.
It's fairly easy to do and its even cheaper than the ebay shifters, FREE.

First, start by removing the shifter from the car and then remove the shaft
and plastic ball from the housing that bolts into the car.  Remove the
rubber and plastic that surrounds the ball as well.

Next place the shifter rod in a vice loosely to where the ball can just sit
on top of the jaws of the vise but has room to slide up and down.  Heat up
the plastic ball for a minute or so with a heat gun.  You don't want to
overheat it or melt it, just make it a bit softer.

Then go find you favorite BFH and whack the top of the shifter.  Two or
three whacks with the hammer should get the ball free from its location.
Continue moving the ball until it is even with the bend in the shifter rod.
The position where the transmission shift rod attaches to the shifter is now
at the same position as the stillen shifter.

You could use the shifter like this with the stock knob but it will be
taller from the fulcrum than the stillen shifter so some needs to be taken
off the top to make it the same.   I already had an aftermarket knob so I
cut the off the top of the shifter until my knob was at the same height as
it would be on the stillen shifter and put it together, reagreased the ball
and stuck it in the car.

Omer F. Khan
'92 White SE-R w/ mods