jwt pressure plate / clutch engagement point problems...

Aaron K se-r@limitedslip.net
Wed, 6 Aug 2003 11:52:07 -0500

So, somewhere between a year and two ago I replaced the clutch in my 91 sentra
se-r with a jwt pressure plate and a stock disk (from a 2001 sentra i
believe). At that time, I had to modify the clutch cable bracket so I could
get the right amount of adjustment in. No problems.

Lately, the clutch is engaging very low, practically just off the floor. Not
sure how long its been like this, but its been a while. It wasn't when I
first installed the clutch. Sometimes, it SEEMS like the engagement point
changes, but maybe thats just because its so low.

This is where my problem is: I can't tighten it up any to move the engagement
point up because there is no freeplay in the end of the cable. If I did
tighten it down more, there would be a constant force on the pressure plate
by the throwout bearing, which would wear out the throwout bearing more
quickly, right?

Anyone else have this problem with this setup?


91 Sentra SE-R
90 BMW M3