Lowest Possible drop with Eibach Sportlines for 95 200sx se-r?

Raymond A. Kawski sr20de@epix.net
Wed, 6 Aug 2003 12:46:30 -0500

Joey whose last name we don't know wrote:

> I've read somewhere that the 200sx se-r '95 can't be
> lowered past a certain point, because of 'negative
> camber'.

It's not due to camber.  Its due to lack of suspension
travel.  You'll be riding on the bumpstops all the time.
Camber isn't really going to cause you any i'll effects
unless your talking about > 2.5 degrees.  The only thing
camber is going to do is wear the inside edge of the tire.
Woopdie doo.  By the time its bad so is the rest of the

> What is negative camber, and how low can i go

Check any search engine and you can find out what all
alignment adjustments are like toe, camber and caster.