Climbing MT. Washington with SR20?

Zak Nilsson
Wed, 6 Aug 2003 10:55:05 -0500

On 8/6/03 8:10 AM, "" <> wrote:

> Hi guys I just wanted to know how does the stock SR20 behaves on getting MT.
> Washington's peak, I will use P11 with Manual tranny.  I am planning to go
> there this September. Any tips and recommendations?

Not really. I drove up Mt. Washington in a stock NX2000 with no preparation.
The car can easily handle it. Depending on the state of your brake pads and
fluid though, I would pull over every once in a while when you go back down,
to let your pads cool off. We didn't actually have to do that in the NX
though, we had no problems.

I guess the same goes for this as any trip you suspect might be hard on the
car - just make sure all your fluids are filled, brakes are bled, it's in
good shape, etc. Mt. Washington isn't Mt. Kilamanjaro or anything, you
shouldn't have any problems.