Climbing MT. Washington with SR20?

Aaron Mosher
Wed, 6 Aug 2003 13:18:05 -0500

> Hi guys I just wanted to know how does the stock SR20 behaves on
> getting MT. Washington's peak, I will use P11 with Manual tranny. I
> am planning to go there this September. Any tips and recommendations?

Don't bother driving up. Hike! It's a great day trip. Beautiful scenery,
nice trails (not super-easy, but achievable by anyone in decent shape), and
major sense of accomplishment. When you get up to the top looking all nasty
you can smirk at the are-we-there-yet families and older RVfolks.

After you get back down you'll have earned yourself a pretty big meal. With
beer, if preferred.

And another thing - it's free. The Auto Road is pretty pricy just to drive
to the top and ooh and ah for 15 minutes.

If you really want to drive, like Zak says it's not that bad on the car.
Just make sure coolant level's ok.

: )