reman rack quality?

David Pertuz d.pertuz at
Fri Aug 14 15:48:06 UTC 2020

I bit the bullet of realism and am having a local shop do a few things on
my SE-R because I have too many car projects and the 911 and Saab always
end up taking priority, plus I don't have garage space for it and I'm not
willing to kick anything currently-garaged out for as long as it would need
to be. Took a while because other than a water pump and a starter, I've
done all work on this car since 1995. What is more salient to the present
condition is that I've been not-doing all work on it. And I want a car that
I can drive.

One of these things is replacing the rack, because realistically I won't be
able to do it until next spring. The two options easily available are
Cardone and what is apparently some Autozone house brand. I'd never heard
of that so don't quite trust the quality; Cardone I've heard of and AFAIK
is good quality. The other source I'm familiar with is the Rack Doctor,
which seems to be good by reputation.

Any comments on the quality of one vs. the other? May go with Cardone
regardless because the Rack Doctor is closed for another ten days.

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