Still Looking for NX parts and some B13 generic parts too

Erik Halvorson hammer_down at
Tue Sep 9 13:52:03 EDT 2014

Thanks for those that have been able to help so far with the parts search!  Much appreciated!
I am still looking for the following:
For my Daughter's 1991 NX2k
Cargo area cover (hooks, lift strings and the two pivots too) Jack tools (handle and lug wrench, pouch etc)Rear cargo area finisher (covers the inside of the tail light panel).   For my Dad's 1991 SER AC pump, bracket hoses (Larry weeks thought he had what I needed but haven't heard form him in a bit)Aftermarket suspension (dampers, springs, bushings, strut tower braces, lower suspension brace, etc) 
For my Son's 1992 SER
AC - everything from the firewall forward (so do not need the evaporator nor box that is under the dash)  I think Josh in WI had a bunch of this AC stuff. 
Now with all this B13 goodness going on in my life, it makes me want one for myself again....  though due to my current daily being rhd, I think maybe a GTI-R....  They will be 25 years old here really soon.

Let me know if you can help me out.
Erik in WA
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