some alternator R&R details I'm forgetting

David Pertuz davidpertuz at
Sun Jul 18 19:15:29 CDT 2010

I'v done this job a number of times before, but it's been years since 
the last time, so I'm forgetting a couple of things.

I need to replace the alternator on my G20 - seems to be a bad VR. I'm 
putting in an SE-R loaner (thanks, Larry) and then getting the current 
one (it's a Nissan-sourced
alternator, so it's better than a parts-store reman) rebuilt and 
reinstalling it.

I'm going for quickest/easiest method, since I procrastinate like an 
Olympian (incl. this weekend) and I need the car next weekend to drive 
to MI.

I know that I can remove the bolt from the RHS engine mount and jack the 
engine up a bit to help me fish it out the top, but I can't remember 
whether this will let me pull it out the top without removing the upper 
rad hose. Maybe I have to remove the upper rad hose anyway, but I'm 
pretty sure I didn't last time. Either way, I can pull it out the bottom 
without doing either, but for some reason I'm trying to avoid jacking 
the car up. I've never done it this way, so I don't know if it's easier.

Can one of y'all fill me in on the rad hose bit?


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