low-use oil change intervals

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Fri Jul 16 17:15:46 CDT 2010

On 7/13/2010 5:49 PM, David Pertuz wrote:
> My Fiat .... doesn't get driven more than about 1000 miles a year, so oil changes are based on time intervals rather than mileage. Or they would be if I didn't suck at getting stuff done when I should get it done. Right now it's got oil that doesn't have mroe than about 2k on it but it might be two years old now. I do, at least, practice proper warm-up and cool-down (it's a turbo) and make sure it has enough (it wouldn't be a Fiat if it didn't leak, after all). I've only driven it a few times so far this year - a couple of short drives in the city, and a trip out to the western burbs a couple of weeks ago to meet a friend. I want to drive it up a North Shore burb tomorrow night for a concert, but am angst-ridden about my non-oil-changing. I've got new oil (Shell Rotex or whatever that's called) and filter, but I have to track down a 12mm allen-head socket before I can do the job.

Late reply, and already beyond your planned trip;  but I'd say "don't 
worry about it too much".  I figure old engines with sloppy tolerances 
and carburetors you had unburned gas washing down the cylinders, past 
the rings and into the oil.  As well as water and other combustion 
by-products also getting by and contaminating the oil.  And leaving that 
sit in there was bad.  You don't say how old the thing is, but if it's 
injected and the engine is in reasonable condition, and the PCV is 
working correctly, screw it.  You'd just be wasting time, money, and oil 
changing it.

I'm sure you know, but just avoid short runs where it doesn't get to 
full temp.  But even a few miles in summer is probably enough for that.


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