low-use oil change intervals

David Pertuz davidpertuz at mindspring.com
Tue Jul 13 17:22:43 CDT 2010

No, it's not synthetic - old Fiats are one of those cars for which, according to the CW of Italian car mechanics and most everybody else I've ever heard, synthetic oil is not recommended. Semi-synth Ok, though. Besides, it leaks enough oil as it is! I don't think there was a single Spider engine ever made that did not leak oil from the cam cover gaskets into the valley and spark plug wells. 


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>From: Ben Fenner <fenfam at sc.rr.com>
>No big deal. I wouldn't worry about it if it's synthetic oil (you are 
>using synthetic on a turbo car, correct?).
>If it's dino' oil I might be a little worried, but maybe not too worried.
>Glad I could help! ;)
>-Ben Fenner
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>David Pertuz wrote:
>> My Fiat Right now it's got oil that doesn't have mroe than about 2k on it but it might be two years old now.
>> David
> > Chicago

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