low-use oil change intervals

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You probably wont hurt it.  Most of the collector car magazines and things i read recommend changing oil in cars at least once a year, regardless of mileage.  And when you do drive it, to run it at least 30 minutes to make sure any water is burnt out of the oil.  My last oil change on my SE-R might have been about 1k miles, but was over a year.  

Having said that, the biggest killer of a car from sitting is not dirty or old oil, its the sun wearing on anything and everything. So if the car is protected from the sun, having old oil probably is not going to hurt it.

My 91 SE-R sat for 2 months since I had driven it last and it cranked right up as it always does.


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My Fiat (yeah, I know, it's not an SE-R, but we like the list traffic, don't we) 
oesn't get driven more than about 1000 miles a year, so oil changes are based 
n time intervals rather than mileage. Or they would be if I didn't suck at 
etting stuff done when I should get it done. Right now it's got oil that 
oesn't have mroe than about 2k on it but it might be two years old now. I do, 
t least, practice proper warm-up and cool-down (it's a turbo) and make sure it 
as enough (it wouldn't be a Fiat if it didn't leak, after all). I've only 
riven it a few times so far this year - a couple of short drives in the city, 
nd a trip out to the western burbs a couple of weeks ago to meet a friend. I 
ant to drive it up a North Shore burb tomorrow night for a concert, but am 
ngst-ridden about my non-oil-changing. I've got new oil (Shell Rotex or 
hatever that's called) and filter, but I have to track down a 12mm allen-head 
ocket before I can do the job.
Question: just how bad of an old-Italian-car owner am I being? Do I suck 
ompletely, or only partly?
I'm probably really just looking for validation of what I want to do anyway, 
hich is drive the car tomorrow. 

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