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Tue Mar 16 17:53:45 CDT 2010

Hey guys,  hope this is not a sore subject.  In the last year or three, 
I have made some offers to try to get rid of this junk SE-R I have 
sitting around.  And so far I have always dropped the ball and not gone 
through with deals.  My apologies, but I've had some pretty f**** up 
stuff going on in the last few.

* 1993 SE-R, grey, ~118K miles.
* Location:  near Asheville, NC.  Punch zip 28760 in your favorite mapper.
* This car puked a front main seal, lost a bunch of oil in a short time, 
and seems to have damaged a rod bearing.  The standard "in car bearing 
swap" along with a new main seal would likely fix it.
* Unfortunately, it's been sitting outside for like 6 years, and has 
deteriorated BADLY.  Mice got in the thing.  The heater / AC core seems 
to be full of mouse sewage.  Water was leaking in somewhere.  I pulled 
and discarded all the trunk lining and carpet two years ago.  Seats are 
stored inside garage.  There is mildew on much of the inside.

This might make a good gutted race car, but doubtful it could be 
restored to a steetable car.  I just really need the thing out of the 
way.  "free to a good home".  i would prefer someone to try to come pick 
it up, rather than having to mess with a transporter.

I hate the idea of sending it to a junkyard, but I'm at that point.  The 
transmission in it was working fine before its troubles sidelined it. 
No 5th gear problems or anything.  Those alone used to sell for a few 
hundred $$$.

Driveability is questionable.  I think if it had a battery stuck in it, 
some oil and fresh gas, it could be driven enough to get it onto a 
trailer.  Not sure.

-Wayne Cox

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