Avoid JGY like the PLAGUE!!

Kevin Hart bowlcut at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 23:02:54 CDT 2007

To the Original Poster....Ive been to JGY's shop.  Dont expect
anything "professional" about him in person, you get the same thing
you get on the phone.  I would rather buy my parts and motors from
Miko any day of the week.

On 6/24/07, Raymond A. Kawski <sr20de at e-rak.com> wrote:
> Great the whole JWT debate again.   I don't think getting an ECU that
> you can plug in and start right up is over priced.  Who cares if it's
> tunable?  Are you trying to win some sort of HP prize?  These are all
> things to weigh when thinking about this.

Not about winning HP prize.  Its about being able to tune it when you
want to.  Say you go and upgrade your injectors in prep for a bigger
turbo, for example.  You have to pay 100 bucks more and wait who knows
how long to get your JWT retuned.  CalumSult ECU, you can twiddle with
your injector values that day and be running again.  Sure you can blow
your motor, but you can blow it by cranking the boost up without
adding more fuel...people do it every day.

> This I will agree with.  If you feel the need to go other then JWT I
> guess Calum would be the next best bet.

At this point its really the only option, cheaper, and tunable.  A
Motec or Megasquirt has tons of people out there running them so you
can go that route and have people help you.  But its far from plug and
play.  Rewiring the entire engine bay is necessary at that point.

> Again don't see the need.   350whp GT28RS Sentra SE JWT ECU.  See's the
> roadcourse regularly and has water injection.

Thought you said it wasnt about an HP prize ;)

> I have a friend with a GT2871R with JWT ECU that makes 400whp/400tq.
> Which no has H2O injection and launch control.  This ECU has 4 different
> programs in it.

4 programs is nice.  I'll admit that.  I wish it was as slick as an
Evo's ecu and how it switches tables.  But alas we are stuck with
1980's technology.  You can reflash on the go basicly with a RealTime.
 But that isnt as convenient.  Multiple maps is something that JWT has
over Calum.  He has talked about it a bit...but he wanted to go
RealTime first so thats where his development time went.  Now that is
done, who knows where he will head

> Overpriced?

Yup.  It is safe, Yup you bet.  Is it 'pig rich', good chance.  And
Ray, what about cold start hesitation???  ;)


p.s.  Just giving ya a hard time as usual, no hard feelings.  JWT is a
good product.  It has now lagged behind.  If Wolf would have put some
time into it, and the programs they sell to the general public, I
wouldnt think the way I do.  JWT could have done a RealTime board but
that doesnt make good business sense to them.  I am a HUGE supporter
of open source, and Calum has went about his process in that sort of
mindset.  To give the community the tools to do what they want to
their cars, not to rely on one source and only one source.  We are all
driving up to 16 year old cars which all product development has
almost ended on.  So anything is a good thing at this point.  JWT ECU
is great for someone that doesnt plan to change anything major on
their car, or if they do can take the down time from shipping their
ECU's.  One benefit you get from any stock like Nissan ECU is the
ability of the ECU to compensate for things.  A standalone that rely
on a MAP needs to be tuned for things like, if you drive up a mountain
and the air gets really thin.  I am glad JWT still trys to support the
community, but for bang for your buck, a CalumSult RealTime is well
worth it.

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