Avoid JGY like the PLAGUE!!

Raymond A. Kawski sr20de at e-rak.com
Sun Jun 24 22:42:21 CDT 2007

wc701lists at bellsouth.net wrote:

> Never heard of it.  Looks nice, but I'd be leery of something coming 
> clear from Europe.  JWT ECUs are grossly overpriced, and non tunable.

Great the whole JWT debate again.   I don't think getting an ECU that 
you can plug in and start right up is over priced.  Who cares if it's 
tunable?  Are you trying to win some sort of HP prize?  These are all 
things to weigh when thinking about this.

> people with the same setup, instead of reinventing the wheel with the 
> VEMS thing.

This I will agree with.  If you feel the need to go other then JWT I 
guess Calum would be the next best bet.

Again don't see the need.   350whp GT28RS Sentra SE JWT ECU.  See's the 
roadcourse regularly and has water injection.

I have a friend with a GT2871R with JWT ECU that makes 400whp/400tq. 
Which no has H2O injection and launch control.  This ECU has 4 different 
programs in it.



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