Avoid JGY like the PLAGUE!! (was: Re: It's time for forced induction.)

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Sun Jun 24 10:44:16 CDT 2007

At 03:04 AM 6/24/2007, Ben Fenner wrote:
>I've pretty much decided I'll go with a DET from JGY customs. I've 
>been thinking

Ben, I'd strongly suggest you stay WAY THE HELL AWAY from JGY.  His 
practices of the last couple years include selling damaged, 
mis-represented, or just plain junk parts and having lousy customer 
service.  The forum thread below it a must read before you deal with 
him.  I have a local friend who did a 'DET swap into a 240SX.  He 
took it to JGY after a local shop did a butcher job of it.  JGY had 
the car for nearly two months, did very little to it, didn't fix many 
of the problems he asked to be checked, then charged him a bunch, and 
have not stood behind any of their work.  Same guy wanted a low-mass 
flywheel for his G20, but had hears woes of check-engine -lights due 
to incompatibility with the flywheel C.A.Sensor.  JGY assured him 
their custom one would work.  He bought it, had it installed locally, 
and it throws the C.E.L.  (which means you can't pass the state reqd 
safety & emissions inspection here.)  JGY basically laughed and said 
"tough shit."


>about what to do for an ECU for a bit now, and I think I've settled 
>on the VEMS.

Never heard of it.  Looks nice, but I'd be leery of something coming 
clear from Europe.  JWT ECUs are grossly overpriced, and non tunable.

I would look into Calum's ECU.  I hadn't heard of the real-time one 
previously mentioned, but it sounds like a really cool set up.  Calum 
visited my place last year for some parts I was giving away, and we 
chatted about engine management stuff quite a bit.  It is a 
understatement to say he really knows his shit!  He talked about an 
"on-the-fly programmable" version of the ECU back then, and I'm 
guessing this is the finished product.  Plus you have the benefit of 
other SR20 people with the same setup, instead of reinventing the 
wheel with the VEMS thing.

    -Wayne  '06 RSX-S / 93 SE-R / 93 NK2k / 90 Miata / '07 Scion tC 

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