My '95 G20t is [Still] a Dog

Raymond Kawski sr20de at
Sat Jul 1 17:47:24 CDT 2006

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006 13:09:20 -0500, Jon Pennington wrote

> Okay, so I tried everything *but* the knock sensor.  I replaced the
> O2 sensor with a new one, and I replaced the MAF sensor with a known-
> good one.  ECU is still throwing P0325.

You could try checking the voltage at the ECU for the knock sensor to see
what it is.  They are a bitch to get too but you can get it from underneath
w/o removing the axle or anything else.  I've done it twice but it requires
a bunch of cursing.

My turbo car has this weird problem that the conductor will break inside the
insulation but the insulation will stay.  So it looks like the wire is
fine.  My TPS did it something else did it and most recently the knock
sensor did it.

I tested the sensor and it still did it.  I got a newer chip from JWT that
ignores knock.   The car ran with the old chip but I could feel a hesitation
as soon as the code tripped.

What is your car doing other then "is a Dog".

Raymond A. Kawski

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