Battery Cable Uncomfortably Short (long)

Ben Fenner fenfam at
Sat Jul 1 12:18:22 CDT 2006

I just looked at my engine bay (doing an oil change) and noticed I was
completely wrong about the alternator wire. It does not run to the
battery, sorry. I have replaced mine though, so I got myself confused.
Don't worry about your alternator wires unless you really care to
upgrade them.

If it's anything like my SE-R, it will be 4 gauge. But, I haven't seen
the stock wiring in a while. I know the gauge of the wire to the starter
is 4 gauge, and I think that runs all the way to the battery terminal,
with 3 other 16 gauge wires connecting to the battery terminal as well,
somehow. =]
Those 3 wires are the ones that power the rest of the car's equipment.

-Ben Fenner
1994 Black SE-R

Jon Pennington wrote:

> Color me overloaded. :)  Next, simpler question: What gauge is the
> wire on a G20's positive battery lead?

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