Battery Cable Uncomfortably Short (long)

Ben Fenner fenfam at
Sat Jul 1 11:28:10 CDT 2006

That wire runs from your battery to your starter, with break off
connections to your alternator, and fuse box. I've replaced a lot of my
wiring while moving the battery to the trunk, and I'll tell you what I'd
do. Get a couple feet of 2 or 4 gauge red wire, 8 feet or so of 8 gauge
red wire, an apripriate power distribution block, a car battery
connector, and one 8 gauge conenctor.
Most of that stuff can be grabbed for cheap from here:

With the exception of maybe the distribution block. I had to search for
a while to find one that would work for me. I might have had to get one
from ebay, I don't remember. You need one that will allow two, large
gauge connections (2 or 4 gauge) and a couple (at least 2) smaller (8
gauge) connections.

The idea is to run the large guage red wire from your battery terminal
(with the new terminal connector) down to the distribution block. Then,
connect the large gauge starter wire to the other large gauge port on
the distribution block. Next, replace the two small gauge white wires
that run to the alternator with one 8 gauge wire. Connect one end to the
distribution block, and the other end to the alternator using the 8
gauge connector. Connect the last wire (that goes to the fuse box) to
the distribution block, and you're all set.
You'll have extra 8 gauge connections available depending on what
distribution block you get, and you'll have replaced the horribly thin
wire that runs to the alternator. If you were really antsy, you could
replace the wire that goes to the starter. Just grab some more of the 2
or 4 gauge wire, and one end connector for it.

If you'd like, I can head outside and take some pictures, just so you'll
see how easy it it.

Oh, and if you just want to add some length to the wire, you could grab
some 2 or 4 gauge red wire, and a battery connector from that site I
told you about, and grab a large butt end connector from this site:

Large Connectors:

Online Store:

And you'd be all set, just need some crimping tool, or solder, or what
ever you'd like. Personally, I'd love to have an electrical problem like
yours again. I love ordering from both of those site, and wish I could
have the oportunity to do it some time soon. But, I've done so much
re-wriring, and planned for the future with it, that I don't think I'll
get the chance any time soon. =(

Sorry about the long e-mail, and not explaining the simpler solution
first. I just got excited.

-Ben Fenner
1994 Black SE-R

Jon Pennington wrote:

 > is there a kit or a method to add a few inches to this wire?

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