Axle replacement update

Russell C. sercool at
Wed Sep 22 00:54:32 CDT 2004

Just thought I'd post an update on the ordeal I had replacing a driver side
axle on a 95 200sx se-r.  I had originally replaced it with a rebuilt axle
from Oreilly auto, and then had gear oil leaks even after replacing the seal.
Well ordered another one from Carquest, and their axles are good as gold.
Even had the factory dust cover and dampener unlike most other rebuilts.  Best
of all it's the right part!  On inspection I noticed the Carquest axle had a
little more distance between the inner CV housing and transaxle than the
defective Oreilly one.  So must have been from some other vehicle.  Was also
able to wrestle into into the transaxle without having to resort to a BFH.
And the ABS/non-ABS axles are compatible it turns out.  Two thumbs up for
carquest.  Thanks to those that helped out.

'95 SER

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