NEED HELP (geeky transmission code question

Matt Davis Sr20dee at
Mon Sep 20 15:16:12 CDT 2004

Jon Pennington said:
> The numbers, as far as I can tell, simply denote the family.  Note that
> the RS5F and RS6F transmissions used in B15 SE-Rs appear to be of
> similar lineage if my postulation is correct.

> While you're at it, have you found any donor cars that have RS5F70V
> transmissions that *aren't* '00-01 Sentras or '00-02 G20s?

The RS#f is a generic set of items. RWD cars indicate  RS5R or often
FS5W(havent fully decoded this denomination)

I would agree about the family. but for some reason i Doubt that is fully
the reason for the numbers..

On the Spec V transmission the model number is also given to indicate its
shared accross manufacturers.

in other words i think the coding is generic. That would mean however
those numbers mean  something pertainent to the transmisson

Im reaching.. but im close :D

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