Hotshot Gen VI

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Mon Sep 20 11:28:27 CDT 2004

Got mine in stainless steel last Thursday.  Big changes compared to earlier Hotshot designs.

It's now built like a Detroit 4-2-1 header.  Primaries stay separate until they turn under the car to really short secondaries, then to the collector. The primary/secondary tubing length ratio is very
much higher than my Gen III. Overall pipe size is up a little and there is that single step in the primaries.  Big honking collector, comparable to a V-8 piece.  Going to have to cut the 2-1/2" cat
end off the "secondary" pipe and have a 3" flange welded on.  It will also be fun adding length to the O2 sensor wire since its bung is now after the flex section.  This will make back-to-back dyno
testing a bit more expensive but should lead to better fuel management since the sensor now sees all four cylinders.

I am puzzled as to why Hotshot chose to weld up a bunch of short runs.  No run has more than one curve; it's like they didn't want to make multiple bends in any single piece.  This may have simplified
the bending but now there are all those welds, and only those less than three inches from an opening are ground smooth.  There are several welds between any exhaust port and the collector; plenty of
opportunities to prevent laminar flow from developing.  This construction method may be particular to the stainless headers.  I haven't seen the mild steel version nor read reports of its design.

At least it looks the price and comes with the Hotshot logo and my personal logo stamped (cut ?) into the head flange.

Bruce in Houston

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