NEED HELP (geeky transmission code question

Matt Davis Sr20dee at
Mon Sep 20 10:21:17 CDT 2004

OK so i had way too much time on my hands over the weekend.. SO I decided
to research the differences in transmission codes for nissan's..

I have hit a snag..

To give an example of what i was researching this weekend.. i will show
you the breakdown of my cars transmission code and tell you where im

Rs5f70v= Reverse Synchro 5speed Front drive  ?70? V iscous differential

The numbers are what i am hung on.

Does any one have information on what this could be? i have tried all the
monkey and ricer math in the world trying to prove it was gear ratio and
some other stuff. I was hoping to find some geeky technical input :D


thanks in advance :D
#56 STS Matt Davis
2001 Inferno Nissan Sentra SE w/performance package

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