Dazed and Confused

hlava lhlvava@tampabay.rr.com
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 17:44:39 -0600

About 6 weeks ago, Eric and I reset the base idle and timing on my '91
Classic. We used the directions and advice I've found here, on se-r.net and
one of the forums. Even had it printed out for ease of use... we were very
systematic and careful.

About 2 weeks later, we pulled and cleaned the tb. After that I had to reset
my base idle because it had jumped to 1500rpm after the tb cleaning.

Today, I went to Eric's and he used his new nprobe on the car to check how
it is functioning. The idle was jumpy, btwn 850-950rpm, and the timing was
at 15 degrees. Found out my engine is running hot, too. I changed the
coolant at the same time we did the tb. Bled everything correctly, twice.
It's at 200 when it should be at 180.

I have no idea what we could have done differently or why it didn't work. Is
there a specific way to rev the engine 3 times? Or, something similar that
we missed?

After the nprobe, I'm frustrated, dazed and confused. Maybe one of the "old
timers" will give me a hand at the convention next weekend and point out
what I did wrong.

Any suggestions to try before then will be appreciated.