Figured out my clutch problem

Omer Farooq Khan
Sun, 7 Sep 2003 16:56:00 -0500

Hello everyone,

Turns out there were two reasons why I was having clutch problems:

1.  When I swapped my differential for a lower milage one I didnt notice
that the washer that sits below the reverse idler gear had fallen out and
underneath the gear selection rod in the tranny.  I didn't think anything
was wrong with the tranny because I could still engage all the gears but it
was definetely keeping the shaft from moving all the way.

2.  I still didnt understand how the tranny would become harder to shift
when the engine was running despite the washer I found out of place so I put
the car back together today with a Key Value clutch kit and had the SAME
problem.  At this point I was quite perplexed.

So then I thought, maybe the problem isnt the clutch disengaging enough, but
maybe TOO much.  i.e. the fingers on the pressure plate have been pressed
into the top of the clutch disc.  I pressed the pedal down ALMOST all the
way to the floor and I could go through the gears like butter, press it
further and everything is locked.I adjusted the stop switch at the pedal up
quite a bit and now the tranny shifts like brand new.  I don't know why I
never thought of this adjustment when I first got the JWT kit but I really
wish I had.  I figure this key value kit will be plenty to get me roadworthy
now and in 50k miles or so I'll upgrade if I need to.

So I learned its much easier to turn a stop adjuster than taking out a
tranny,  that I should have been more careful putting the tranny together,
and that we have great people in our SE-R community that really take the
time to help others out.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out and to Greg Vogel who put up with my
many phone calls.

Omer F. Khan
'92 White SE-R -- once again roadworthy
'88 Yamaha FZR -- Naked, peg scraping, and grin inducing Frankenbike