Electrical Gremlins II

George Roffe geo3@earthlink.net
Sun, 7 Sep 2003 01:00:46 -0500

Jim Wright wrote:

>Ok, you've got lights.  What else?  Turn the key to the accessory
>position, check radio, wipers, everything else that should be live.  If
>all works but the starter, that's important to know.

Actually, I've got *nothing* now.  When it went pphhfftttt I lost
everything electrical.

Mike Jez sez there is a master fuseable link at the positive terminal
connector.  I've got to work tomorrow, but if I get home soon enough I'll
check it out.

>Silly question, you didn't pull the starter at some point and not put it
>back in, did you?  Leave a connection hanging there?  If you're getting a
>sizzle sound, it could well be a connector hanging loose.

Nope.  Put it in when the engine went in and haven't touched it since.

>   If it isn't a sizzle, what does it sound like exactly?  PHHFFTTTT
> doesn't help me much.  ;)

It was a fuse or fuseable link blowing I'm sure.  Either that or I blew the
battery, but I still have 10.5 volts (low, I know - it *was* 12.5).

This stuff just drives me nuts.  I'll probably have to pull half the wiring
and hoses off the car and look at them and wrap them.  I don't know were to

George Roffe
Houston, TX