Mr. "Fix-One-Thing, etc... AND MORE

Fri, 5 Sep 2003 22:55:23 -0500

Thanks, Peter. I have a set of picks I purchased at Ace out of their dollar
bin... picked up an expandable bendable tip magnet for those loose nuts and
bolts I drop into the engine bay, too.

I'll give the redline a shot, too. The local Pepboys carries some of their
products... got my water wetter from there.

I'll give this one last shot the easy way. If it doesn't work this time...
it's hammer and butane torch time.

I'm replacing my bottom oil pan at the next oil change. No dents or damage,
it's just been there for 13 years... I'm sure there's a lot of old oil
turned to tar sitting at the bottom of it. Must remember to bead properly(as
I kiss my FSM).

Thanks, again.

Oh yeah, anybody have a clue about the small amount of oil I found when I
pulled the distributor out? If it's something I need to fix, now's the time
since I've been pulling stuff off left and right.