Mr. "Fix-One-Thing-Break-Lose-Two-Things"

Peter Serwe
Fri, 5 Sep 2003 20:09:00 -0500

hlava wrote:

> wrench. Any other ideas to get something clamped on that bolt that'll work?

Can't speak on the distributor issue, but as far
as the EGR tube and the flarenut wrench issue:

Put an oxy-propane or oxy-acetylene torch on it,
heat it up red hot, as it starts to cool, but before
it cools too much, put vise grips on it, lock down
hard, and twist counter clockwise.

Since this process _will_ ruin it, plan ahead and
fork over for a new one.  Might I ask, why are
attempting to remove it?  The large tube doesn't
get clogged, as far as I know, only the small one.

There *may* be a nicer way to remove it, but as
far as I know, when their rusted stuck like that,
the only way is cut the tube off, kill the flare nut,
and put a new one on.  I had to do this with the AIV
tube on the lower portion of the stock header.

I guess if your trying to put a header on, this may
be the only way around it, I know my AIV tube was
so stuck I had to kill it to remove it.

Good luck!

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