Mr. "Fix-One-Thing-Break-Lose-Two-Things"

Fri, 5 Sep 2003 18:11:12 -0500

Ok, this is standard for me, but I'm stuck. I've pulled lots of things out
of the engine bay in order to get to the EGR tube and throttle body.

I have a 24mm open end offset wrench to get the EGR bolt off... it keeps
slipping. I've pb-blasted the threads a number of times over the last 2
days, also.

I can't find anyone who sells as a single or even in a set a 24mm flarenut
wrench. Any other ideas to get something clamped on that bolt that'll work?
Honestly, at this point of frustration, I won't need the pb blaster to
loosen anything. I couldn't even find a crowfoot flarenut set that had that

I checked Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, and Sears... boo hoo for
me, neh?

I took the distributor off, too. Is it a bad sign when you see a little oil
in there? It was just a little oil and easy to wipe with a hand towel.

As always, thanks for your help and consideration,

Mark(Feeling like I've been riding the short bus to school)