Spec-V Blown Head Gasket

Torry Skurski ezcheese15@yahoo.com
Fri, 5 Sep 2003 12:08:13 -0500

"My son-in-law had his 2002 Spec-V in for the recall fix on the
pre-catalyst, heat shields, etc.  Took off that same night for a several
hundred mile trip on X-ways.  At the first gas stop, car would not
re-start.  Had it towed to a
dealer who diagnosed a blown head gasket; oil in water; water in oil.
else have problems after the recall work?  Co-incidence? (I think not)
Luckily, it will be covered under the power train warranty at 44,000

Gerald, you may recall, but I also blew my headgasket on my QR at about
30000 miles.  Unfortunatly, mine was not covered under warrenty because
they said the removal of my balance shafts caused the headgasket to blow
(no matter how much I argued that it is unrelated, but whatever).  The
good thing is, the headgasket only cost me $8 from Mossy.  And I found a
used head on Ebay for $400 with all the valves.

Oh, and anyone who is unfamiliar with my headgasket saga... I tried
everything to get it covered, so I don't need any advice on what I
should have done ;)