sumitomo tires
Fri, 5 Sep 2003 09:45:49 -0500

I had a set of the afore-maligned HTRZ II's on my '92 classic and
they truly did suck. I do not know what possessed me(cheapness comes
to mind) but i bought a set of the HTR 200's and have been pleasantly
shocked. They are much stickier and a relatively smooth ride. They
seem quite reliable in the rain but i admit to not vigorously testing
them after surviving their ancestors. At the paltry price of $35/tire
they appealed to my more frugal sensibilities.  I only have about 6k
on them but they appear on their way toward surpassing in mileage the
Yokohamas(not a difficult feat by any means)  that i had some 60k
ago. In this case i feel i got much more than i paid for.


Dan Hugh-Jones wrote:

> I was thinking of putting a set of the very cheap Sumitomo HTR200
> tires on my Classic. I can get them for $180 installed in 195 60
> 14. They look to have a decent combination of long life, quietness
> and reasonable stickiness (I just need them for street driving). Has
> anyone got any real world experience of them?