AC on Power Increase
Thu, 4 Sep 2003 00:08:31 -0500

For some time I have noticed performance at full throttle seems somewhat
stronger , especially a held shift from first to second at 7500 RPM there is a
definite lunge forward when the Air Conditioning is on. (Have Automatic by the
Comparing when it's off the lunge is sortra flat. Just a small difference
maybe,but definitely there.
What is going on when the AC is on with the timing? I notice at idle the
RPM's climb by about 200 RPM.
Is there a way to trick the ECU into thinking the AC is on but isn't? to
avoid the loss in driving the AC.(I read somewhere it supposedly disengages on
full throttle,but I'd like more control at less than full throttle).

So can you switch  on the Air and disconnect the AC electrical connection to
the compressor clutch?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Frank 93SE-R