Emissions Problems, need help FAST

EEYORE5182@aol.com EEYORE5182@aol.com
Wed, 3 Sep 2003 16:18:27 -0500

here is the story -
Bought this 92 P10, from a friend in richmond, VA where they dont need
emissions.  I took it today, and these are my readings at 15 mph:
HC ppm - Limit: 92 / Reading 89 PASS
NO ppm - Limit: 691 / Reading 691 PASS
At 25MPH
HC ppm - Limit: 88 / Reading 177 Fail
NO ppm - Limit: 626 / Reading 1894 Fail
Ok, so the cap, rotor, wires and plugs are new.  I am going out right now to
get a new O2 sensor.  I also have a dirty K&N Filter in there.  im going to
switch it to an older OEM Filter that is pretty clean.  What else can i do?
the MAF Wires?  I need the car for work, as the alternator died in the NX this
weekend.  I cant really afford to leave it at the repair shop all day
tomorrow to let the guy "diagnose" my problem.  My thought is that i can do
stuff tonight that could be possible fixes.   i can take it in tomrrow and
have him try it again before i leave it all day.  Any ideas

'93 NX2k
'92 G20