need (elec.) diagnostic help - in CO

Rick Warkentien
Wed, 3 Sep 2003 15:41:30 -0500

Ususally what i will do when relpacing the starter by myself is this.
Takeing the starter out is easy enough to do by yourself. When you go to put
it back in do this:
Get a 1/4" drive extension of about 6" in length. Take and put the small end
of the extension through the transmission from the drivers side to the
passenger side. You now have a nice long stud sticking out of the
transmission to hold the starter. It is usually easier to use the extension
in the upper of the two holes and then start a bolt in the lower hole.
Remove the extension and start the other bolt.

Works great first time every time.

Charlie Guthrie wrote:
> If it's the starter, get a friend to help you. One man just can't reach
the starter and the bolts at the same time. (OK,  "I" couldn't
if someone out there has a secret  method for doing the starter, just chime
in here)