Finally went and got cornerweighted.

Peter Serwe
Tue, 2 Sep 2003 15:17:55 -0500

F/R percentage 63/37 with a half a tank of gas

Cross weights dead equal, and fronts dead equal.

Rears were off by about 50lbs, pressures
were at 40/34 F/R.  I'll change it again
next season when I play with some more
stuff, but for now, I'm thinking it's close
enough for rock and roll - off to do a decent
alignment tomorrow.  Probably going for
2 degrees front negative camber, 1 degree rear
and 3mm toe out front, 3mm toe in rear, just
to keep toe within street tire wear limits, and keep
rotationability (no, that's not a word, I just made it up)
optimal for my streetish alignment.

I was thinking maybe 1.5 degrees negative camber in
the front, but I'm not sure what that would do to alter
the handling characteristics.

300/200 springs, progress bars set on full soft front,
medium rear, no binding.

Any comments highly appreciated :)


Peter Serwe <>
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