Clutch Cable problems

Ian Lyn
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 13:37:08 -0500

just bought a JWT Clutch Kit with a b15 disc, got a great deal on the
> kit
> from Greg Vogel at Mossy Nissan.   I am kind of worried now before
> installing it.   I always thought this was the no brainer clutch solution
> for NA cars.  The JWT pressure plate I received was silver btw.

 Modifying the cable bracket doesn't bother me that much but maybe that is
 masking another problem with the setup?  Could the throwout bearing have
 anything to do with this, perhaps people who are having these problems are
 all using one part number throwout bearing?

 Another possibility, If the jwt plate is not as tall as a stock disc,
 measuring from face to spring at rest, then there would be slop in the
 cable.  Anyone with a stock pressure plate that can measure this?

 I'll stop thinking out loud now...

 Omer F. Khan
 1992 Nissan SE-R

My brother was saying the same exact thing. That there should have been a
better throwout bearing made. I say this because when my car gets warm my
clutch is difficult to engage and creeks. When it is cold it is buttery