Clutch Cable Adjustement

Peter Serwe
Sat, 9 Aug 2003 06:28:59 -0500

Aaron K wrote:

> floor when I have it down. My best guess right now is that this is a JWT
> pressure plate issue.

I have the problem, and I haven't swapped for a  1.6 cable
yet, either. I have a freshly installed (maybe 1800 miles)
JWT PP with a 2001 clutch disc.  No problems, love
the clutch, but engagement seems to go further and further
down.  I've adjusted the pedal a few times already, hate doing
it on my Classic, have to move that fuse box out of the
way every time.

I'm somewhat curious as to whether or not there is another fix
other than adjust the cable, get a shorter cable, modify the
bracket, Oh yeah, adjust the pedal stops.  Also, what's actually
happening?  Is the cable getting stretched out, or are the 'fingers'
on the PP moving?

Neither / something else happening?

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