OT- Evolution

Michael Jez 93SER@attbi.com
Fri, 8 Aug 2003 21:14:13 -0500

My Maxima is kinda far from stock- got alot of weird electronic boxes in the
car- read laptop, and S-AFC, yeah its stock internally but not externally.
My trap speeds on my Max are 101-104MPH with 14.00 flat on bald Nitto non
drag radial tires. Seriously my friends GA16DE 5spd Sentra E with I/H/E, JWT
ECU, and JWT cams smoked a WRX to 60MPH, granted it was a stock AUTO WRX,
but still.... a kill :) I like having something with a big engine under the
hood with a large snail forcing the air into the engine- why I sold my SE-R
and am building the Max engine up.  I used to work for Subaru, and cousin
worked at Mitsu. I think Subarus are OK, but the flat 4 makes it hard to
work on if U need to do any head work- like cams, or valve cover gasket.
Trannies are more fragile than the SE-R tranny. Mitsu- is just a big pos-
only good engine they ever made was the 4G63. the 6G63 engine is a nightmare
in the 3000GT, oil burning, rod throwing, timing belt snapping POS. We need
Renault to give us the Clio Sport V6 Williams edition- call it Nissan Pulsar
but dump the renault engine for a VQ35 from the Z-car. Even at 30K bux I
will buy it. As of now, only 3 cars I would consider buying are 350Z, G35
sedan 6spd and G35 coupe 6spd- all FM platform. More comfort- bling bling,
and speed for the $$$, most of all RELIABILITY over the WRX or EVO.

Mike Jez