OT- Evolution

Zak Nilsson zak.nilsson@latimes.com
Fri, 8 Aug 2003 13:30:27 -0500

On 8/7/03 9:18 PM, "Michael Jez" <93SER@attbi.com> wrote:

> Anyone encountered anything with a Evo
> ? or STi ? WRXs aint shit really... friend in a 1.6L Sentra whopped on a Auto
> WRX.

Evos and Stis generally run mid-high 13s at 100-101 MPH. V6 Altimas and
Maximas aren't able to touch them without some mods. And you're talking
about a WRX with an auto transmission. Stock 5-speed WRXs run mid to low 14s
at 94-95 MPH... quite a bit more than anything a 1.6 liter Sentra can
handle. Without some sort of forced induction anyway. Even full bolt-on
SE-Rs aren't going to walk away from a stock WRX.

Anyway, you wouldn't buy an Evo, an Sti or even a regular WRX for straight
line performance. Both the Evo and the Sti can pull .99 Gs on the skidpad in
stock form. You'd have to drive one to decide if it's your thing or not.

04 WRX wagon
94 Sentra under construction