OT- Evolution

Michael Jez 93SER@attbi.com
Thu, 7 Aug 2003 23:18:15 -0500

So I was looking into buying something to race around for the weekend for a
while now, thinking I'm getting a Track Z33 or a Evo.... Well I finally got
off to a "sorry" highway run with one. It was a brand new bone stock Evo...
and to my supprise he couldn't pull away from me from 70 gun up to 1XX Mph
speed. It was on a empty highway on the way to work on a early Sat morning to
do a engine swap in a Audi- side job ;) Anyone encountered anything with a Evo
? or STi ? WRXs aint shit really... friend in a 1.6L Sentra whopped on a Auto
Mike Jez
01 Maxima- proof U don't need boost to school the WRC champs- VQ power.