Climbing MT. Washington with SR20?

Peter Serwe
Thu, 7 Aug 2003 15:48:51 -0500 wrote:

> Thank you, for all your tips.  And one more thing why is it that those
> Acura/Honda, Jag, satrun and Sterling are not allowed there?(MT. Washington)....

The information on the link you posted refers to automatic
transmission equipped vehicles that do not have a 1, or L on
the transmission, I'm going to assume that they want vehicles
that have a first gear for speed limiting reasons, in case the
brakes on the aformentioned vehicles decide to give out,
so have a way other than brakes to limit the speed.

They also have a number of other regulations having to do
with wheelbase, width, and maximum load limitations,
I'm also assuming to make sure you don't either overload
the brakes, are unable to make the corners, or are too wide
for people to pass you going the other way.  All safety stuff,
it appears to be.  I believe that old 750iL I had wouldn't be allowed,
it's wheelbase is in excess of 161" IIRC, by a little over half a foot.

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