cheap alternative to PAR gear set

Michael Jez
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 18:37:33 -0500

If anyone can come up with a custom bell housing for a 5spd VQ Maxima tranny U
would not need to spend 2K dollars on a gear set for your sentras. 95-01
Maximas use a verrry beefy FWD tranny- some are LSD, they are not cable
shifted, but they have hydraulic activated clutch instead of a clutch cable.
There are a few people on the Maxima forums runing over 500WHP on stock
engines with turbos on them and none had any trans failures at all- and
trannies are stock. Yet there are some morons that can destroy a tranny in a
stock Max. U can pick up a new reman Max tranny for 700 bux that comes with a
12mo warranty. Now just making the tranny bolt up to the engine will require a
custom bell housing. But still won't cost ya anywhere close to 2K bux.
Mike Jez