Question about trannies and HP

Michael Jez
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 18:30:19 -0500

Level 10 tranny with a 3500RPM stall will help that KA24DE-T breathe nice.
As far as trannies go, the strongest Nissan trannies are the TTZ and the Q45
ones. Early Q45 would fail due to overheating of fluid- later models
included a external trans fluid cooler.  As far as power levels go, KAs are
great turbo motors- I tell people to stay away from the junk SR20s from
Japan, install it to find out its bad.... U can make more HP from a KA for
less. So his power levels are right on. Friend of mine made 320WHP on only
11psi with his 98 SE S14 5spd- HKS GT3037 on it. I driven DET 240s and
KA-Turbo 240s, and my favorites are the KA turbos.
Mike Jez
01 Max 5spd - soon to join the STOCK internally engine 500WHP club- thats
why I sold my SE-R.