Question about trannies and HP

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Tue, 5 Aug 2003 16:48:47 -0500

Hi everyone. This question was sent to me by a customer, but I can't answer
it. Anyone here have any info for him?

"I currently own a nissan 240sx se 1995. I custom built the motor from top to
bottom. my friend with the same exact setup made 477@wheel with 22psi on 5
speed tranny. but I am only making 350@wheel at 16psi and I can't go any
higher since I am still using the stock auto tranny. It starts to slip after
16 psi. The motor could make 550@wheel. I need to know if the nissan 350z auto
tranny would bolt on to my 95 240sx if not what I need to do to get it to
work. I am trying something new and asking you for help."

Aside from some fairly optimistic power goals, does anyone have ideas as far
as strength and the tranny?

Terry Heick
Modern Sports Car
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