renewed life for old suspension?

Hammer Down
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 11:35:53 -0500

The Master Set includes all of the front and rear suspension  (pivot type)
bushings (not the steering rack nor the strut top isolators).  If you are
not drag racing, you may be able to fore-go the engine mounts though all
four may need to be replaced with at least oem bushings because they do wear
out.  Is your SE-R you daily ride?  How far do you drive on average daily?
How young/old are you?  I used to enjoy a rock hard suspension on a daily
basis (Datsun 510) but I have found it less enjoyable on a daily basis as I
have progressed in age.  Though I am building a track/auto-X 510 again.....
but the Turbo Wagon is the daily driver and it is what most of you would
consider, "soft".

Erik Halvorson
1991 Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon
1972 510 2dr (anti-FWD performance project)
1987 Motive Systems Enduro Kart/Komet
1982 Bug Black Widiow/ PCR