Forged pistons, silicon content and sidewall clearance
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:07:52 -0500

"Forged pistons rattle like crazy in a SR20 when the engine is cold, I
experienced this on my GTi-R and went to OE new GTi-R pistons when I had my
SE-R still. GTi-R pistons are good for claimed 500WHP. Are U seriously going
to make this much power ? at 24psi on a TO4E I am pulling on my friends 600
Ninja on the highway like there is no tomorrow, why do U need more than that
? U know SE-R trannies are not EZ to come by these days.
Mike Jez

What alloy/silicon content where you using?  The amount of silicon in the alloy
is going to be one of the main determinants of the thermal expansion of the
piston, and thus the also determain what kind of sidewall clearance is

-Mike Geoghegan