Forged pistons, silicon content and sidewall clearance

Michael Jez
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 00:28:08 -0500

Forged pistons rattle like crazy in a SR20 when the engine is cold, I
experienced this on my GTi-R and went to OE new GTi-R pistons when I had my
SE-R still. GTi-R pistons are good for claimed 500WHP. Are U seriously going
to make this much power ? at 24psi on a TO4E I am pulling on my friends 600
Ninja on the highway like there is no tomorrow, why do U need more than that
? U know SE-R trannies are not EZ to come by these days.
Mike Jez
01 Maxima on the highway Evo demolishing beast.
93 SE-R sold over a month ago.