Peter Serwe peter@easytree.net
Mon, 4 Aug 2003 20:45:05 -0500

In case anybody didn't get this from my earlier
statement that 'it must be the crack', I reiterate.

I'm both very embarrassed and profusely sorry
for not checking my references and making
statement that I later realized was, in fact, in very
poor taste.

It was not my intention, and had I checked my references
I would never had made it.

I did a quick search through my own archive of the se-r
list and picked out some messages that had Street Racing
in the body, and found the message about Alfie Rojas.

I also remembered incorrectly, the tribute to Matt Kempe,
and erroneously attached both of their names to Street Racing
aimed at Ray, which was also incorrect.

I have gotten more than one message from LM's on
the subject in very good taste, I might add.

I sincerely apologize for this extremely poor execution
of judgement, taste, and scholastics.  It was not intended.



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