My Dyno Numbers...Dissapointed.

Jon Pennington
Mon, 4 Aug 2003 13:39:22 -0500

P@ said:

> Ive got an auto tranny, 156K miles on the odometer and am due for plug
> and wires.

Evidently.  Wavy HP curve means dirty/bad plugs and wires, doesn't it?

> Im guessing by my suck @$$ numbers that 1) the tranny sucks up a lot of
> power, 2) the resonator is highly restrictive, 3) I should have changed
> plugs and wires....

Yeah, autos suck.  Actually, your numbers are only a little low for AT
cars that I've seen.  OTOH, I've only seen AT dynos on stock or '91 cams;
S3s should be blowing the doors off.

If the resonator is perforated and not louvered, there is no reason to
blame it.  I'd be much quicker to blame the muffler, which is a very good
muffler, but still has small piping (2"?).

The fuel curve looks great, too, which kind of suprised me.

Get that ignition cleaned up, check your TB/EGR stuffs, maybe even check
out the Wayne Cox Free Horsepower trick on (or was it the FAQ?).
You should get a little bit more out of it.

While you're at the ignition stuff, call up NGK or Denso and see if
they'll send you a free set if Ix plugs to do back-to-back runs
with...they just might go for it, especially knowing that thousands of
SR20 people are going to be reading the results!

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